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Hello, My Name Is DR

Did you think it was something else?

DR Rawson - The Possibilist
2 min readNov 30, 2022


It all started with my great-grandfather, EJ. He was born in 1865. His father wrote many letters from the civil war. He was on the union side. In those letters, he referred to his son as EJ even though his real name was Eugene Jean Rawson.

He named my grandfather HH even though his real name was Homer Horace Rawson. His mother died with his birth (in 1902, partially because they lived in a cave in the Rockies above Denver). EJ didn't like Homer but continued the tradition by referring to him as HH. He allowed my grandfather to attend school up to the third grade. By the time he was twelve, he was doing calculus in his head.

My father was born in 1923 with the same name as his grandfather. Still, he was called EJ by everyone that knew him.

September 23, 1946 (76) is when I was born with three names like the rest of my family. However, my dad called me DR. It has been a blessing and certainly better than my predecessors.

My father unexpectedly died at age 42 (my mother at age 44). So when I wore a younger man's clothing, I decided to have my name changed to DR. It was what my parents called me. So now, whenever someone calls me DR, I think of my parents.

Thanks to J for wanting to know.

The rest of my story can be found at DRRawson.com.



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